In 2015, Vocus Group’s Commander Team pioneered the Telco Together Foundation’s Small Change Big Change programme.

Telco Together’s Small Change Big Change programme makes it easy for businesses to donate to charity by adding just $1 per month on to their phone bill, which is transferred in full from Commander to Telco Together. The central concept of Small Change Big Change is that just a little loose change from a lot of people together can make a huge difference to the lives of Australians in need. 

100% of donations from Small Change Big Change are distributed by Telco Together to their Community Partners who are innovative Australian charities supporting Australians in the areas of Indigenous communities, homelessness and food security, mental health, and youth unemployment and disadvantage. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The work of the Commander Team on the pilot programme of Small Change Big Change was extended beyond 2015 to continue to raise funds. Commander takes no payment for administrating the collection of funds.

Piloting and demonstrating the success of this model now enables Telco Together to roll out the programme with other telecommunications companies.

For more information on Small Change Big Change, please click here.