The Visibility Project

Connecting Cultures

The Visibility Project is committed to increasing the visibility of positive Indigenous role models.

In its first year, The Visibility Project seeks to:

  • - increase the visibility of Indigenous excellence and contributions to current culture
  • - increase the visibility of a successful Indigenous Australian, via a culturally important avenue of music and dance
  • - increase the connection of non-Indigenous Australians with Indigenous language and culture
  • - increase the pride of Indigenous people in their own language and culture


In FY18, The Visibility Project supported a young musician, dancer and former community health advocate from Arnhem Land. Danzal Baker, aka Baker Boy, writes and performs music in Yolngu Matha language and his single Marryuna is the first Indigenous language rap to be added to regular rotation on Australian radio. Marryuna was nominated for Best Song and Best Film Clip at the National Indigenous Music Awards, and Danzal was nominated for Best New Artist.

Marryuna means to dance without shame, to freestyle for the sheer elation of dancing.

View Marryuna here.

View media coverage of Baker Boy and Marryuna here.